10-25-2014 -- Roland Sipos -- Decompression Chambers
Request -- decompression chambers

As Aysan, we are the manufacturer of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers, Re- and Decompression Chambers, Portable Decompression Chambers, Mine Refuge Chambers and also Automatic Truck Loading systems.

As you are working with divers in your projects, our chambers would be useful for your company. We are a low cost manufacturer, but we keep our quality and standards on international requirements. Also we are not just a manufacturer, we design our chambers on the customers requirements. So our product range is as wide as our customers needs. Please ask for brochure about our Hyperbaric products. If you have following question, please feel free to ask me!

Best Regards,

Roland Sipos -- Decompression Chambers

04-24-2014 -- Shirley Menard
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Question -- I have acquired a 1943 3 Light Commercial Diving Helmet, all the way up here in Canada and was hoping to get some history on it, this site was referred to me by Edward at U.S. Navy Museum

11-28-2013 -- Mike Ruane -- Washington Post
Request -- in need of some expertise

Question -- i am working on a story about the deaths of the two navy divers in the super pond at the aberdeen test center last feb. I am seeking folks who have dived there in the past to give me some background about what the pond is like to dive in. You can contact me at 202-334-7346. Thank you

02-15-2013 -- Hannah Montgomery (CTT/NAC2)
Email --
Request -- Information about my Grandfather SFC/DV
Question -- Hello.  My Grandpa was a Ship Fitter Chief and a navy diver in 1941 to 1961.  He recovered men and did underwater welding.  His name was Charles "Monte" Shelton Montgomery and he passed away when I was 13 and I want to know how I can get more information about his career, especically during WW2.  There was some talk in my family about Subic Bay and a hull repair after a torpedo.  He was a great inspiration to me when I was in the service.  I would appreciate any info you can give me.

07-22-2012 -- David Petterson
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Request:  I was exposed every dive with trieste to av gas
Question --I also was overcome during a slop tank rescue to triclorine applied as a striping agent.  I. WAS DIAGNOSED WITH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS in 2005.  Is there any other members diagnosed with MS? Thanks amm1840@gmail Dave Ht2Dv2.

07-04-2012 -- Rob Peters
Email --
Request -- Information on my Grandfather
Question: I am trying to get information on my Grandfather, Christian Robert Peters, who was a Master Diver (I have been told he contributed more then this in service during WWII, but we'll start w/ this). I have been trying to find items online, but to no avail. I was hoping you could point me in the right direction.

Thanks, Rob Peters

05-30-2012 -- Name: Tabatha Berstler-Plew
Request: -- Hi I'm the daughter of Ken berstler who passed away a few years ago. I have some old dive pics but some are damaged. I was wondering how I could get ahold of copies or any of my daddy. Plus I don't know how to put the good ones online. Can u help or know anyone that could direct me in the right direction?! Thank u!

05-16-2012 -- John C. Schofield
Request -- Verfication of NAUI card from former USN instructor/Corpsman
Question -- I attended and graduated 2nd class diver school in Key West, FL from around Sep 1971 to Feb/Mar 1972. One of the instructors, a Navy Corpsman and also a diver or SEAL, was a NAUI instructor as well and he issued us NAUI Advance cards after we completed the class. I think his name was Ron or Rob Holden or something similar to that. I'm almost sure his first name was Ron. I want to get back into recreational diving and lost my old paper issued NAUI advance diver card. Since then NAUI has moved from Ontario, CA to Florida and lost my records. Ron could verify my completion of the NAUI advance course so that I can get a replacement card without starting certification all over again. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated. I also served aboard the USS Abanaki and was in Vietnam assigned for a couple of days to HCU1 if that helps. Thanks for your help. I also want to join this group and attend reunions.

01-04-2010 -- From Ken Graber -- Ken Graber here. I would like for you to help me out, It seem like all I receive is sad news or jokes, maybe we can start a new trend. I would like to hear from some of my friends, the one or two I have(lol) and tell me whats going on with them. I know there is a lot of people out there that told me I wouldn't make 20yrs, well it has been 35 yrs since I got out. And my wife Gail and I are doing good.Tomorrow I turn 71,how about that,still playing golf high 70's low 80's.I also have a inversion table and I hang around on it every day(HoHo).

So I would like to hear from anyone I was stationed with or any body that knows me.May you all have a great 2010.

My E-Mail :

Please no jokes just good news.
Ken Graber

9-27-08 From Charles Erickson - Proteus Diver - We're still looking for "Smokey" Seals and Chris Brewer to round out some of our dive gang.  We just met up at Fitz's fishin' camp in Oregon and had a good time.  Doc couldn't make it but Pidge, Plooster, Johnson, Erickson, and Fitz were there.  There was nonstop BS and sea stories seasoned with a little Capn' Morgans nectar and Seattle's famous "Scuttlebutt", not to mention lots of fresh crab.  We haven't plotted our our '09 adventure yet, but would like to get in contact with these two missing  orphans for the next one.


9-1-08 Hello Doc.
     I would like to try and contact Any divers that I served with
      I went through Salvage Diving School in 1954 Class 57 I was in the class after Carl Breshear. We became Friends and stayed in touch until his death
    I went to First Class School at the Naval Gun Factory In 1956-57.  After 1st class school did a tour on the USS Coucal ASR 8 (!959-60). To Quonset Point R.I.  In the Diving locker  Then  I got Side tracked from diving and was sent to Gitmo in the Fleet Training Group  Made Chief and went back to Wash D.C. For master Diver Training. Then to the USS Petrel. After a tour on the  Petrel was off to the Naval Mine Defense Lab, at Panama City Fla. There I was Selected for WO1 and was off to Subic Bay and HCU1. There i decided i was not going to accept the promotion to Warrant Officer. I was sent to the Diving School at Subic. I stayed there until I ret. in Nov. 1967.
     I Am 81 years old now still in good health I live in a small town just north of Corpus Christi, Tx. I sure would like to contact any and all of my old Ship Mates
      Andrew Adams SCPO Ret.
      Master Diver
      WW11, Korean, Vietnam, Vet.
      PH. 361 776